Your Ideal Business Partner

The Challange

Your Ideal Business Partner is a business support company that already had a logo and brand identity. They decided to change their focus to work specifically with ‘green’ businesses, still helping leaders to grow their businesses, but only ones which make a positive impact on the environment. 

They felt that there is equity in their exsisting logo and didn't want to radically change things, just update it.

The Solution

You can see that the logo solution has the same jigsaw piece as the existing logo looks like it has metaphorised into a leaf. It almost looks like it is sprouting from the jigsaw peice while still looking like a jigsaw piece and is recognisable as the same brand. The logo still has a gradient only instead of the blues from before, now has yellow and green. This not only symobolises the environment but it also says is to fresh new life. To show that this company cares about the environment while breathing fresh new life into the business.

I find working with Suzanne a pleasure - she quickly grasps the nature of the project, has great creative ideas and is happy to work collaboratively to produce excellent solutions. I am delighted with the rebranding work she has done for me and have no hesitation in recommending her to others. 

Fran McArthur - Your Ideal Business Partner