Suzanne Murphy

Suzanne Muphy is an experienced brand focused graphic designer for forward thinking organisations.

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My name is Suzanne Murphy and I am a brand focused Graphic Designer with 20 years of experience dedicated to helping SMEs. I understand that branding and marketing materials is traditionally an area of concern for SMEs and tends to live in a file marked ‘things we should be getting around to…’

But taking the plunge is a frightening prospect as the pitfalls seem ominous.

So who do you turn to?

Outside design and ad agencies are mysterious, expensive and also intimidating. But the alternative of employing someone internally may be more than you can justify.

I exist to fill the gap. I bring a stylish intelligent, high quality look and feel to your branding and promotional digital and print collateral. Some clients may have never had hired a designer, others are looking for a better alternative to their current agency. I understand the needs of SMEs, and I work hard to maximise every penny of your budget.


I am more than a graphic designer.

I build business with creative thought and action. Because nobody goes to a designer to make their business smaller. Clients come to me for commercial growth and, whatever the creative output, I must deliver on that.

Always with a strategic approach, based on customer and market insights and always with an understanding that there is a business requirement attached to any creative brief. Because integrated campaigns, engaging customers on their channels, on their terms, leads to sales.

More than a graphic designer. I am a creative designer, a content designer, a creative agency. I do research and marketing strategy, I do website design and development, by collaberating with the best digital agencies in Manchester but what I'm really all about is delivering ROI.

And, even though, the language of marketing is full of jargon like SEO, social media, UI, mobile, UX, responsive, CX – we turn the spin into action and trackable profits.

Because I am entrepreneurial, just like you.


Why is branding important?

In today’s over-saturated world, businesses rely more than ever on having a strong brand in order to attract new customers and build long-lasting relationships with them.


But, what is branding, really?

Branding is much more than sticking your super sleek logo on every wall of your office and document you produce. It involves every aspect related to your business and the way your customers perceive and experience it. It is the way you attract and engage with others and the way you position yourself.

A good brand doesn’t just happen… it involves a well thought out and planned brand strategy which starts with defining who you are and what you stand for. Your brand is born at the very core of your business and it is transpired into every action you take; the way your staff act, how you show yourself online, the way you communicate with your customers, etc.

If you have a strong brand then it is more than likely that you have a loyal customer base that apart from keeping coming back to you, they also refer others to your products or services.

Branding is not only about making a promise of quality to customers anymore, it is about owning a piece of their hearts and minds. A clear and consistent brand provides value to your business that is beyond your physical assets. Take Apple for example; yes, their products are very innovative and efficient however, the reason why we are willing to pay any figure on their price tag is because we love Apple as a brand and we identify ourselves with what they represent.

A strong brand also creates trust by connecting with your customers emotionally; helping them know what to expect from you and making them feel good for engaging with you and not someone else.

Last but not least, your brand motivates and inspires your staff, giving them a reason to feel proud of being a part of your team and to work harder in order to achieve the goals you have set for them.


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A little more about myself...

I’m a Graphic Designer who is diverse. My work is carried out across all platforms and with a multitude of clients. During my 18 years of experience working for agencies and as a freelancer I have worked for many different kinds of clients. I like to experiment with different approaches to the design problem and like it this way because then I am free to be inspired by others while learning and exploring new ways of doing things.

One week, I get to work on a branding project and the next week, I’m designing an App for digital start up. That’s what I wanted in a career. I especially love projects  where the client wants me to give it my voice, my hand and my personality.

Every designer wants to work on new and exciting things, that’s a given. However I am most  interested in understanding how big and little improvements drive a business forward, and know how to balance these things to create big impact. I can come up with big ideas AND I know how to get them done. I am also passionate about solving problems, and not just the sexy ones.

Thanks for visiting my website. I believe design and illustration is a language in constant change. I love doing what I do , always look forward to learn and evolve. I am passionate about creating intelligent, graphic responses and portraying beauty from simplicity and typography. From idea generation through to production, I have a wealth of experience at creating, leading & delivering projects with distinctive visual communication.

In this website I'm presenting a selection of works that collect the range of styles and themes that define better what I've been doing till today. I'm looking forward to see what we will do together tomorrow.

Aswell as providing design services I make and produce great value responsive websites. I also create email marketing designs and produce ads for social media platforms which involve animated gifs and movies.  I am also a printing reseller and use a number of hi quality and great value printers. I can also check your files to guarantee that they will print correctly and be top-quality.

I have a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design and Interactive Media from Liverpool John Moores University along with an MA (Hons) in Creative Technology from Salford University.

I live in Prestwich, Manchester, UK.


Latest from my Instagram

Posting my playful work and whatever inspires me in the moment.

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