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Leeroy Nelson
Floor Manager at Fifth Nightclub

'Suzanne is a very creative designer and incredibly talented. She has a very strong work ethic, works very hard, is very dedicated to her work. I believe her strengths lie in the ability to listen to her customer requirements and turn them into an amazing design. Her patience, attention to detail, and style is impeccable.

Having worked alongside Suzanne many times. In particular spending a vast of time with our New Year’s Eve 2015 branding, posters, flyers, e-shots and social media ads. With our needs and specifics having to change from day to day, as quickly as our demands were met, they often needed changing again. Suzanne was always happy to work around the mayhem and be very accommodating to our needs. I highly recommend Suzanne and I'm looking forward to working with her again in the future.'


Sue Thurston
Director DGN

'As a small charity we have to watch expenditure very carefully, so when we asked Suzanne to design our new promotional materials we weren’t quite sure how things would go. What we experienced was the beginning of a very pleasant and productive working relationship. Suzanne was organised, easy to communicate with, responsive to our requirements and our budget. When modifications were needed, new versions of our leaflets were made very quickly. We really appreciated Suzanne’s flexibility and efficiency. It’s great to work with someone so responsive who provides high quality work at the right price. Thank you!'

Karen Dunn
WIGAN COUNCIL  -  Marketing, PR and IT associate / Business support manager 

'We employed Suzanne on a temporary 4-month contract to cover for a permanent member of staff. During that time her work made a big impact. She designed posters, flyers, brochures, adverts, newsletters and logos, which met all our deadlines and exceeded expectations. She is very easy to work with, her work is first-class and she has a keen eye for detail. 

During the relatively short time that Suzanne worked with us, she demonstrated a good understanding of our requirements and offered fresh, creative perspectives on how to improve the finished product. 

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Suzanne, and my only regret is that we were not in a position to offer her a permanent contract.'


Sean Marshall
Director at We Build 4u/Clear Vision Investments

‘Suzanne has enabled us to turn our rough design ideas into highly professional business marketing material. She has been able to interpret our intentions and produce a strong and clear visual impact every time. Our sales and profile have most definitely risen as a result we are delighted with her services to our companies.’


Barry Cassidy
Managing Director at North West Business Services

'Suzanne is a very focused and creative individual with a great eye for detail. Imaginative yet practical, she knows what will and won’t work in a wide range of applications. Can thoroughly recommend her.'


Oliver Gringrich
Art Director at Musion

'Suzanne Murphy worked as an intern at Musion MDH in autumn 2015 proving not only her dedication and vision, but also the ability to translate very complex briefs into mood boards and visual collateral. Suzanne specifically worked on three ideas for one of our key overseas clients, delivering three visually convincing moodboards that presented ideas and styles of our brief to the client. Suzanne has the ability to work fast, effectively and to understand very complex, time -specific visual styles into commercially viable presentations. It was an honour to have worked with Suzanne Murphy during her internship and I hope for continued collaboration.'


Alec Prentice
Owner/Manager Printing.com franchise, Didsbury 2002 - 2014

'Suzanne began her employment at printing.com, Didsbury in July 2011, and worked here until September 2014. During that time she was a major asset to the company and since her departure has been greatly missed by staff and customers alike.

Suzanne’s responsibilities as senior designer were numerous. Her primary responsibility was to meet clients, take briefs and design for a wide variety of print products, such as folders, business stationery, leaflets, flyers and menus, on different paper stocks and using specialist finishes such as spot UV.

Her design skills are excellent, and she was able to produce unique brands for clients under tight time con- straints while managing up to a dozen different projects in different stages of completion. Designing in a shop environment is extremely challenging, especially as many different customers can walk in at any time, interrupting both concentration and workflow. In these situations Suzanne juggled different projects with ease, giving new customers
her full attention. She also demonstrated great product knowledge, cross selling and up-selling with ease.

She also mentored a number of apprentices during her time with printing.com, and did a fantastic job of both recruiting and teaching recent graduates the numerous skills mentioned above. She taught by example and proved a great influence on those under her leadership.

Suzanne possesses all of the qualities an outstanding team leader, and with her numerous years of experience posses an encyclopedic knowledge of design, print and other electronic mediums. She will without doubt prove a credit to any company with the good fortune to employ her.

-Mentoring apprentice
-Meeting clients and taking briefs.
-Brand Design for Business stationery, folders, leaflets, flyers on a variety of different paper stocks.


Rachel Ward Lilley
Coach (primary & secondary schools) at 21st Century Legacy

'Suzanne’s work is very diverse, impactful and importantly does the job. We have worked together on many occassions and despite some tricky briefs the successful results have always been on brief and on time. And we have great fun!'


Jane Richardson
Communications & Community Liaison Lead at EDF Energy

'Having worked with Suzanne on a couple of branding projects, she clearly demonstrated her understanding of the client briefs and what they wanted to achieve. She produced interesting and relevant creative concepts and delivered to deadline and on budget. She is a pleasure to work with and has a very ‘can do’ attitude.'


Sarah Jackson
Director at BVS & PJ Web Solutions Ltd

'A simple brief was all Suzanne needed to create an inspired design for us. Fresh thinking, fresh ideas and a great result. Thank you so much for helping us.'


Kathryn Howarth
Group Marketing Manager

'I admire Suzanne’s ability to produce fresh and relevant design for every client combining versatility and creativity with innovation. Her passion for design and animation is truly inspiring.'


Ian Dunkerley
Digital Pace

'I have used Suzanne Murphy Designs on several occasions for both design for print and web; and they have never let me down on quality, cost and timescales. They offer a wonderful value for money and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.'


Elizabeth Madden
Marketing Manager at Champion Accountants 2006-2014

‘Suzanne worked on a freelance basis for Champion Accountants from 2007 - 2014. During this time I was Marketing Executive at Champion, meaning Suzanne and I collaborated on numerous projects.

As an SME accountancy firm with five offices across the North West, it was crucial for Champion’s design work to convey professionalism whilst at the same time retaining the brand’s personality. Suzanne always got this spot on.

Year after year, she worked on the branding and literature for Champion’s annual conference, Elevation, which welcomes over 200 business owners and professionals from across the North West. Her designs always captured the energy of the Elevation brand perfectly.

When she was tasked with producing Champion’s quirky Christmas card, Suzanne always came up with a truly original idea which never

On the digital side, she worked collaboratively with myself and a web team to design a brand new website for Champion’s specialist contracting division, Champion Contractors. She also prepared digital design work for e-shots and downloadable newsletters.

When a healthcare client of Champion’s wanted a brand creating at very short notice, Suzanne stepped in and produced a modern logo within budget which the client was delighted with.

Suzanne is flexible enough to meet tight deadlines and is endlessly patient when it comes to amends (for Champion’s newsletters there were often many!). Her design work is always prepared for print and there were never any issues with the printers. No job is too small or too
much trouble for Suzanne – she is an absolute whiz at Photoshop retouching – but with her skills she definitely has so much more to


A kind letter...

Christine Lawley
Independent Arts and Crafts Professional, Mirabel Studios

I’m writing to tell you of all the compliments I’ve had on your behalf, for your ace design skills and visual flair ! Everyone I’ve shown the wall planner to, is totally impressed and think its a masterpiece. How fortunate the people of Didbury are to know they can feel 100% confident that any graphic design, poster art, etc they commission you to do will be of the highest professional standard. I love everything about the wall planner, and my husband, who has worked in the the printing trade and newspaper industry, conveys his congratulations also for a job well done.

I do hope we’ll be able to work together on another project before too long, along with the other excellent artists featured.'


Academic Testimonial

Paul Sermon
Professor of Visual Communication, Faculty of Arts, University of Brighton

"Suzanne approached this programme with great passion and enthusiasm for the subject - a quality and characteristic within her that continued throughout the entire programme. She undertook each and every research task throughout the programme with a unique aptitude - wanting to acquiring new technical skills and take on new aesthetic and conceptual challenges at every possible occasion. "