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Why use illustration to market your brand?

'Abstract themes, or topics where specific visuals don't come to mind, will often lend themselves better to an illustrative treatment. Sometimes the subject is too ambitious to photograph. The simple beauty of illustration is that you can depict literally anything you like. Illustration is great for taking people on a journey, whether you're literally walking people through a brand's story using illustrated scenes or characters, or constructing a subtler narrative across various brand touchpoints. If you have some data to visualise, infographics are a way to make complex information easier to digest and understand by converting them into a visual form and here's where illustration steps up to the plate in a way that photography never could: with a touch of creativity, a tedious spreadsheet or list of facts and figures can become a treat for the eyes. Or if a particular style is required, Illustration can unify a design and totally transform its look, feel and mood – whether it's a multi-platform campaign, a series of graphics for an event or a simple brochure.

Illustration can help a brand stand out from the crowd in a much more distinctive way, carving a niche defined by personality and individual attitude.'

This text is from the article '5 reasons to use illustration in your designs' by By Nick Carson at Creative Bloq February 28, 2018.

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