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The Challenge

Holts Auto offer products and services from top-of-the-range brands including Redex fuel additives. Redex have been helping people to keep driving since 1922. Their range of petrol and diesel products maintain your car on the inside, keeping your fuel injectors clean and improving performance and efficiency.

While working as a Multimedia Executive as part of the Holts Auto marketing team I worked alongside the Digital Marketing Manager to create YouTube video content to expand Redex's customer base especially to younger people. 

The Solution

Video content is one of the best ways to drive brand awareness while increasing brand recognition. We found unique, fun, and personal ways to incorporate video content into the marketing strategy. Mainly we made how-to videos. Consumers are always searching the web with questions, so we created videos to provide the answers. 

My responsibilty was filming the videos on a home video style camera, video editing and animation. These are quick low budget productions which pushed our creativity.

We created useful and fun YouTube content that is targeted toward young people, to increase sales. This will mean that the Holts Auto website will get more ad clicks, website traffic, and sales over time.