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Creating an exciting Winter Trail leaflet that transforms into a fun game

The Challenge

The Manchester Museum is home to an array of treasures from the natural world and the many cultures it is home to. Highlights include a T.rex and fossils of other pre-historic creatures, ancient Egyptian artefacts and live amphibians and reptiles. You can handle objects from the collection, take part in hands-on activities or enjoy a glass of wine of cup of coffee whilst exploring the latest ideas in science, culture and the arts.

In an age of shortened attention spans, Manchester museum needed to actively engage and educate those who walk through their doors.

Games are great tools for learning. Beyond just a learning perspective, games also foster a wonderful sense of connection, 

We were willing to get creative, almost any concept or idea can be improved with gamification. We felt that the experience of museum visitors need not stop at passively consuming your exhibitions. Oftentimes, individuals experience better retention when they can physically or digitally interact with a topic, and to keep things fresh, games can be played in a myriad of ways. Whether the museum implements analog games, live-action games, mobile/app-based games or even quizzes, it’s important to consider gaming experiences for the museum's visitors.

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The Solution

visitors connected with the museum

We believe that “Games should have purpose but must also be fun,” My team and I “We develop games that teach you about things in an entertaining way where you are probably not even aware that you are learning. 

by offering a game, more individuals will better grasp the concepts and engage with the lesson. And with today’s unique struggles in holding visitors’ attention, engagement is everything.

“In the museum, games are a great way of allowing visitors to have agency over often quite complex areas of content, allowing visitors to explore ideas and content in a very interactive way,” 

“In-museum games have long been part of our interpretive approach in the museum and we have developed and commissioned many games for use in exhibitions and galleries. In-museum games tend to be very short, lasting from only several minutes whereas online games are designed with much longer playing times.”

Gamification is a great way for any institution to educate and engage with its audience. If you’re in the process of brainstorming ideas for interactive games to offer your patrons or website users


“Be very clear about who the audience for the games are and develop for that audience,” he says. “Be thoughtful, work with agencies who understand how to make good games, make the games widely available, put them on gaming portals and not just on your museum’s website. Keep the ideas simple with great gameplay.”

Regardless of the type, games keep things fun and fresh and can provide an experience at the intersection of connection, learning, and enjoyment for anyone who walks through a museum’s doors.


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