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Prestone Eco Refill Winter Screen Wash

The Challenge

Holts Auto offer products and services from top-of-the-range brands including Prestone. Prestone Eco Refill Screen Wash is a super-concentrated screen wash that can help to reduce plastic waste. Not only is Eco Refill screen wash much better for the environment, but you still get the same level of high-performance cleaning as from our ready-to-use screen wash.

While working as a Multimedia Executive as part of the Holts Auto marketing team I worked alongside the Digital Marketing Manager to create YouTube video content to promote Prestone Eco Refill Screen Wash especially to younger people. 

Movie filming, editing and animation

The Solution

Video content is one of the best ways to drive brand awareness while increasing brand recognition. We found unique, fun, and personal ways to incorporate video content into the marketing strategy. Mainly we made how-to videos. Consumers are always searching the web with questions, so we created videos to provide the answers. 

My responsibilty was filming the videos on a home video style camera, video editing, icon design and animation. These are quick low budget productions which pushed our creativity. I also created a seried of YouTube stories and a variety of engaging social media posts.

Eco Refill Icon header imageEco Refill Icon header image

We created useful content that promoted Prestone Eco Refill in front of more people across our website and social media to increase sales.