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Designing a visual identity for a growing 

personal training business in Manchester

The Challenge

M20 Personal Training needed a fresh forward thing approach to its visual identity.

The design needed to be simple, memorable and meaningful.

Creating a fitness logo is very similar to creating a new physique; every detail is taken into account and it often takes time to get the perfect results. Give your mind some exercise and design a gym or fitness logo that reflects your passion.

It’s time to get inspired by the aerobic workouts, weight training, and energy that’s generated by getting active. If you have a few ideas in mind already — great! If not, browse our sample logos below to get your creative juices flowing.

Your gym or fitness logo should be used to market your business accurately and uniquely.  Think about what makes your company different from your competitors, then translate these aspects into your professional logo design. Whether you teach yoga, kickboxing, or barre, are a personal trainer, own a local gym, or started a fitness group, there’s a unique logo that fits your niche industry. Choose a bright and motivating color pallet such as blue and orange or green and purple. Compliment these colors with a font that’s fun yet simplistic. Whatever the case may be, take these ideas and incorporate them into your logo design.

The Solution

I designed the blue and white colour pallet to be bright and motivating and it was complimented with a font that’s fun yet simplistic. The final logo design communcated that this is a gym that welcomes everyone to get fit with professional instructors in a state of the art gym while time having fun. The shape of the symbol has been kept purposefully simple in order to aid fast recognition and to allow for reproduction at all sizes without loss of detail.


Fun Social Media

To raise finds for charity a socail Media challenge was set to the M20's customers. They had to post photographs of themselves from various places in the world showing off their branded M20 wooly hats.

The new M20 gym personal training logo marketed the business accurately and uniquely.  It made the company different from it's competitors. The final logo design communcates that M20 welcomes everyone to get fit with professional instructors in a state of the art gym while having fun.