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Fifth Nightclub, Manchester UK

The Challenge

Fifth Nightclub celebrates diversity, bringing people from all different backgrounds together with one shared collective, the love of the music. Fifth, formally known as Fifth Avenue has a long history of celebrating music. During the 90s it was at the forefront of Manchester's Indie and Brit Pop music scene, while also playing progessive and alternative dance. However Fifth  has evolved for the now generation and plays current Dance, Hip Hop and R'n'B while not forgetting it's indie roots. It is open 5 nights a week, has 3 rooms and so there's always something for everyone. There are also ticket and drinks promotions enabling students to have fun on a tight budget. Which is why Fifth is the biggest and most popular student nightclub in Manchester.

After years of promoting their events Fifth realised that their printing and online marketing materials were lacking in interest to the youth market and needed designs which reflected the trends.

I was hired to boost the apperance of each night and make the promotional materials more visually relevant. It needed to appeal to a whole range of students with a variety of musical tastes. The task to please everyone is always a tricky one. The designs needed to stand out from competing club nights. They needed to reflect the theme of the night. They needed to be on trend and apeal to all students and most of all they needed to reflect what a friendly, safe, fun party nightclub Fifth is. The designs needed to work across all mediums including flyers, posters, banners, tickets, wristbands, merchandise, website and social media. Each night needed to have it's own definable identity while also keeping within the visual style of Fifth Nightclub.

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The Solution

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An entertaining, informative website was designed and launched so that customers can find out quickly and easily find out about upcoming events, prices, special offers and location.

Advertising campaigns were designed and used across Facebook, Twitter and direct email marketing. These were highly targeted in order to put Fifth Nightclub in front of their target audience. 

Banner stands were designed to be shown at student events and exhibitions especially during freshers week whereby all the surrounding university students attend events that welcome them and introduce them to all that's on offer to them in Manchester.

Large format posters were designed to be shown on trailers driving around the city on the run up to special events.

Wristbands were designed to be given to students at the fresher's events to be used to recieve special offers at the nightclub.

Branded mechadise was designed for each night, to be given away as prizes to clubbers. They were also worn by the bar staff and sold to hardcore fans.

Street Posters and Flyers were designed for every club night and every club night had it's own visual identity. For example you can see the 'Zoo club night' identity designs in more detail here, the Halloween night designs here and the New Years Eve special night designs here.

I also created a range of quirky and fun animated Gifs and Movies to promote the nightclub which were used on the website and in targeted social media campaigns.

After the new designs were launched online ticket sales increased by 37% and door tickets sales increased by 25%. The club is packed out most nights and sometimes the queue goes all around the building, despite the period of construction work happening in other parts of the building as seen in the photos below. The visual identities and graphic design for Fifth's clubnights were much stronger, engaging and gave a true reflection of each of the club nights.

Suzanne is a very creative designer and incredibly talented. She has a very strong work ethic, works very hard, is very dedicated to her work. I believe her strengths lie in the ability to listen to her customer requirements and turn them into an amazing design. Her patience, attention to detail, and style is impeccable. 

Having worked alongside Suzanne many times. In particular spending a vast amount of time with our New Year’s Eve branding, posters, flyers, e-shots and social media ads. With our needs and specifics having to change from day to day, as quickly as our demands were met, they often needed changing again. Suzanne was always happy to work around the mayhem and be very accommodating to our needs. I highly recommend Suzanne and I'm looking forward to working with her again in the future.

- Fifth Nightclub

Poster snap shots

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