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22nd January 2017 - No Comments!

Working with Cardboard Craftsman Mark O’Brien

I was freelancing for a Mailboxes Etc. store in Manchester Didsbury, designing posters, stationery and other print materials when the store owner asked for some ideas for a new shop window to launch the new ownership of the store which could be used to promote the store in press releases on the stores website and social media. Didsbury is a well known 'trendy' and part of Manchester with designer cafes and sophisticated at galleries. Therefore I knew that the usual vinyl window stickers that you see in so many other high street stores would not stand out amongst the crowd.  Therefore I put forward the idea of hiring a Cardboard Craftsman artist called Mark O'Brien. He was a well know  in the community having exhibited at the Contact Art Gallery in Manchester. While also exhibiting in Tokyo and having worked for a numeber of companies such as the BBC and giant retailer Schuh creating window displays that have featured in Oxford St London. You can see his portfolio here:

I briefed him on the idea that the new owner wanted to focus on the Postage and Packaging side of his business by having promotions to see increased sales in that area and make sure that the people of Didsbury know that that is what they do as many people just think that they are a local printer and a place to get photocopies done.

Mark came up with a brilliant plan to create a giant globe from cardboard and have delivery planes flying around it and delivery trucks driving along a road at the front of the window. Also there was lots of cardboard envelopes flying all around the window giving the globe a unique frame. After his plan was ok'd by the owner Mark got work and created the amazing display. It was a real head turner and many people have been seen stopping and looking at the display and of course the shop benefited from its popularity.

21st January 2017 - No Comments!

Bringing artists together in the local community

A kind letter from one of the artists involved...

Christine Lawley - Independent Arts and Crafts Professional, Mirabel Studios

I’m writing to tell you of all the compliments I’ve had on your behalf, for your ace design skills and visual flair ! Everyone I’ve shown the wall planner to, is totally impressed and think its a masterpiece. How fortunate the people of Didbury are to know they can feel 100%
confident that any graphic design, poster art, etc they commission you to do will be of the highest professional standard. I love everything about the wall planner, and my husband, who has worked in the the printing trade and newspaper industry, conveys his congratulations also for a job well done.

I do hope we’ll be able to work together on another project before too long, along with the other excellent artists featured.