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Packaging and Marketing Materials design for Coca Cola and Butlins

The Challenge

Butlins needed a new fresh summertime design for their Coca Cola cups. Reflect their family fun for everyone values.

It needed to be bright and family friendly and reflect the values of Butlins. The Butlins personality led drinks brand that leaps off the shelf.

The Solution

The most prominent part of the packaging is the 'Butlins' brand name, followed by a changeable family holiday-themed image to add flexibility as the cup designs change for each offer.

I used warm and friendly illustrations to create this packaging design. I also kept in keeping with Butlins brand guidelines by usng their retro 1950s style of font which gives the design a contemporay yet nostalgic feel.

The powerful use of illustration communicates the fun, happy relaxed Butlins feeling with attention-grabbing power, on-shelf and on Instagram.