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21st June 2017 - No Comments!

Indie film making on a budget

Matty Brown is an indie film maker who has honed in on his style and so doesn't have worry about technique In his Skillshare class he shows some of his techniques, some inspired by Hitchcock. This creates a unique look and feel and expresses emotion. Also you need top line camera equipment. You don't even need a tripod. Just be happy to play with filming and editing techniques. He also shows how to smooth everything during editing. He uses Sony Vega to edit but he says you can use any film editing software you feel comfortable with and develop your own editing technique. He says that you can use sound effects or find soundtracks (links below). You could even write to band on handicap and ask them for permission.
If you are like me and work independently for a lot of small business with tight budgets, this advice is very useful. This filming technique would be great for small business' that want a promotional movie to express  emotion. Of the top of my head this would be great for bars, cafes, festivals and much more...
You can watch his Skillshare class here

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Don’t hide until you are perfect

This is a useful 3 min Gary Vee video for anyone who thinks they are not good enough at what they do to share it with the world. It talks about how there are always people better than you no matter what.  It's good to keep working, keep getting feedback, keep learning and then 'counter punch and adjust' as Gary says, and get better.

This video reminded me to...

- Keep posting my work
- Be honest about the level I am at
- Show my process and give tips to the audience to give them value.
- Show what I'm learning and what I'm inspired by.
- Show the work of others to help others
- Practice, practice, practice

I think that this is not just good advice for young people but also anyone who is starting a new business/project/thing.

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What I have learnt from Gary Vaynerchuk


Think reality show. Document everything thats interesting. So make sure your days are interesting.

Don’t over think the content. You can never feed in too much to people. Sometime people tune in, sometimes they don't but then tune back in if they like something.

Don’t worry about repeating yourself like Gary Vee does - just repeat it in a different way.


Share all your work and process every day as long as your work isn't terrible. Let the market decide what they like and don't like.